Ein schöner Sommertag beim Guniwirt

Hiking holiday in the climatic health resort of Krakaudorf-Murau-Kreischberg holiday region

We are a montineering and hiking village - to enjoy and linger.

Contact: +43(0)3535/8239 and +43(0)664/1555969 and info@guniwirt.at

Montaineering  villages manage without large structures and are therefore highlighted by the Alpine Association for a "new" alpine tourism.

Our place Krakaudorf is 1172 m above sea level, here there is a doctor with a pharmacy, a shop, bank and bus stop. The  valley bus runs from the beginning of July to the beginning of September. Host hikes  are available when booking the following offers: "With the power of nature" and Almrose blossom".

Furthermore, guided hikes are offered weekly by our tourism association. We communicate this in the company in the weekly program!

Our peaks: Süßleiteck (2.507 m), Preber (2741m), Bauleiteck (2424m), Predigtstuhl (2543m), Roteck (2742m), Rupprechtseck (2,501m), Feldeck (2480m) und Trübeck (2367m), Gstoder (2204m), Hubenbauerntörl (2062m)m, Hinterkarscharte (2273m), Rantentörl (2166m), Prebertörl (2193m) 

Our serviced huts:  Ebenhandlhütte in the Rantental, Möslhütte in the Prebertal, Alpenvereinshütte Rudolf-Schoberhütte from the Etrachsee to Grazerhütte direction Preber and Dorferhütte direction Gstoder from the village Seetal .

Our beautiful lakes: Krakaudorfer Badesee, Schattensee, Etrachsee, Prebersee, Lower Wildenkarsee und upper Wildenkarsee

Below is our hiking map with hiking suggestions!!!


  • Gstoder

    Between Krakau and Murtal is the mountain Gstoder


  • Waterfall - 65 m drop height - the Günster waterfall

    It is the highest waterfall in styria
    You can walk along the wooden steps to the bridge or to Markushöhe.

  • We are hiking specialists

    In our house you will find many facilities for hiking. A shoe drying room, a shoe cleaning station and wet clothes can be left in to dry. We lend Nordic walking sticks and rucksacks. We are well equipped with information material such as hiking maps, books and hiking suggestions.
    If you want to go up the montain very early, we will be happy to prepare a thermos breakfast for you.
    In the holiday season from the beginning of July to the beginning of September, a Tälerbus runs, which takes you to the surrounding valleys or to the connnection to other buses.
    Beautiful hikes, which you can reach from our house: FELDECK, TRÜBECK, RUPRECHTSECK and to Etrachsee (8 hour tour) or a hike to Günster Wasserfall (3 hour), Hike to Krakauschatten (there via Holzer, return via Oberetrach)

    Krakaudorf - Village loop

  • Hiking from the Preber to the Greim

    Beautiful peaks that are not difficult to hike. Beautiful alpine pastures and lots of water make the Krakau Valley so special.
    Long-distance hikes, leisurely walks and circular routes invite you to a hiking experience.


  • Hike when the alpine flowers are bloomming

    Untouched nature and wonderful fauna und flora await you with us


  • Kneipp therapy - in the gemstone garden directly at the house

    Pastor Kneipp has already recognized that treading water is very healthy for our body.
    A wonderful experience after the hike - hand Kneipp and foot Kneipp as well as strengthening the ligaments and tendons on our foot parcours